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Announcement from ICNIRS for the International Conference of NIRS 2021, Beijing, China

Congratulations Prof. Dr. Yukihiro Ozaki from Japan as the winner of Karl Norris Award 2021!

Professor Ozaki will be giving an award talk at the online event ICNIRS2021 Conference organized by China. His title of presentation will be “NIR spectroscopy–What a wonderful world!”




Congratulations Dr. Vincent Baeten from Walloon Agricultural Research Center, Belgium, as the winner of the Tomas Hirschfeld Award (THA) 2021. The award ceremony will be held during the NIR2021 online conference organized by China. His award talk will be given after the ceremony.

The THA is made in recognition of a significant innovative and/or scientific contribution to near infrared spectroscopy. It awards on the basis of excellence in research conducted by a scientist of international standing.



Announcement: Fundamentals and Applications of Near Infrared Technology online Course

We are happy to announce that the 6th edition of the course "Fundamentals and Applications of Near Infrared Technology” has its beginning next November 15th, 2021, running through to February 28th, 2022.

The course, coordinated by Professors Ana Garrido Varo and Dolores Pérez Marín, requires a workload of 6 ECTS. Upon successful completion of the course, the student is issued two certificates:

1. Certificate of Achievement by ICNIRS (http://www.icnirs.org/).

2. Certificate issued by the University of Córdoba with the recognition of the credits (6 ECTS) of the course.

The theoretical lectures, practical exercises, interactive self-learning exercises and tools, virtual visits to laboratories, etc. cover basic NIR concepts, such as applications of NIRS in a variety of situations in private and public companies. By completing the course, the student will achieve the following learning outcomes:

• a basic, theoretical and practical understanding of NIRS spectroscopy.

• the ability to work independently with various types of NIR data to determine quantitative and qualitative information.

• identify his/her needs regarding further education/training in order to become a qualified NIRS professional.

• identify those NIR applications which are ready to be implemented at industry/laboratory level and those which are still in need of additional research and development work.

The issuing cost of the credits recognition certificate will be of 26€.

Registration fees are 620 € + bank fees.

The registration period started on the Oct 01st and continues through Dec 15th.

Information about the registration process and other academic matters will be available shortly here: http://www.uco.es/nirsplatform/

If you have any colleagues, you feel would be interested in attending the course, please feel free to pass the invitation to them also.

We look forward to seeing you!



NIR Conference Secretariat Prof. Guo



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